Inspiration is revealed in the origins of this house: all the architecture of the building is preserved, as well as the existing colour palette: green and beige. Notes of contemporary marked by the revival of ancient customs and traditions: in the lounge, the patchwork rug made by local artisans; in the hall, the wicker halos lining in the ceiling; the wide staircase with the traditional wood handrail made of “Casquinha velha” and suspended from the ceiling of the staircase, the unexpected “Brinquinho” (a traditional musical instrument) the biggest of Madeira. 


Attractions that would make you visit the 29 Madeira Hostel:


BRINQUINHOThe 29 Madeira Hostel has the biggest brinquinho ever made with 2,30 height by 1,10 diameter and about 40 Kg.


The  Bailinho da Madeira  is the best known traditional dance of the island being the music accompanied by the sound of  brinquinho, musical instrument typical of our folklore. It consists of a set of wooden dolls dressed in typical costumes of the region, arranged in a circular shape of wood stick, which is moved vertically.


WICKER WORKIn 29 Madeira Hostel, at the hall, you can appreciate a unique work: a “wicker ceiling”. The crafts made of wicker are closely associated with the village of Camacha.

The wicker comes from the vimeiro, a woody plant belonging to the family of the salicáceas, with long, thin and flexible branches, grown locally in places of higher altitude. Before being used the wicker stalks are cut and peeled and then boiled to become more elastic and easier to work. Once dried, the stalks are the raw material ready to be transformed into a huge variety of objects of all shapes and sizes:  trays, baskets, furniture, lampshades, etc... The famous transports of baskets, that slips down from Monte, are handmade of this material, here in Madeira.


SLIDE CARS OF BASKETS FROM MONTEIn 29 Madeira Hostel, the card-keys and keys of lockers are delivered in thumbnails of these cars..

These cars are a tradition since 1850. At the time they were the quickest way to travel between the elevation of Monte and the Funchal. Through time they lost their utility side, but won the charm that attracts many tourists to the place where the carriage begins, pushed by two men and helped by the force of gravity... The decline in basket carriage is a unique experience and adventure to everyone who visits the island.


BANANA PROTECTION BLANKETin  29 Madeira Hostel the beds are decorated with one of these pieces.

Rustic blankets, used for the carriage of banana bunches in hinds pulled by bullocks (currently in the bodywork of the trucks) in order to protect the fruit grapes.


MANUAL LOOM – no 29 Madeira Hostel, who can enjoy the  carpet, the patio pads and a patchwork quilts adorning the beds, locally made hand-loomed. The lounge is completed by a carpet made of this material with dimensions of de 3.80m by 3.00m.

Less and less common, the handloom were for centuries a fundamental instrument for clothes and carpets of pure wool obtained during the shearing of the sheep in a more or less orderly find pasture were in the Massif Central mountains of Madeira. Typical, warm and colourful patchwork quilts were essential in rural or houses located in the highlands of Funchal as a way of warmth on the coldest winter days. Similarly, the mats made of handloom allow greater comfort on the ground floor of wooden houses.


CLAY VESSELS SUSPENDED FROM THE WALL - At 29 Madeira Hostel, the terrace has a feature wall in basalt stone covered by pots with flowers and herbs typical of the island.

The taste of gardening and plants is a common feature to most islanders. In any conner, however small it may be, flowers and ornamental plants are essential, helped by the climate that allows you to have all year round, plants and flowering.


GARDEN BENCHThe 29 Madeira Hostel recollected the traditional garden bench that you will find in the patio.

In many gardens to visit in Funchal (both public and private) you can rest in wrought iron benches with seat and back made of wood, usually painted in dark green.

PONCHA DA MADEIRA - In 29 Madeira Hostel, the guest can try to do the famous Madeira traditional “poncha”. 
“Poncha” is a traditional and emblematic alcoholic drink in Madeira, made of cane brandy, sugar and lemon juice.